Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walking the pups, or...

Calvin's chagrin. Now that Kim and Hubby live in the city, they walk their pups around the block sometimes all at once and sometimes individually. On this particular day, I remained indoors while Kim walked each dog - first Lizzie, then Calvin, and finally the very patient Kasey. (Please note, these photos are in sequential order.)

While Lizzie was being walked, Calvin waited nervously
listening for sounds of footsteps of Kim coming home. Perhaps there?
No, there!
Down he goes, still waiting (and whining)...
Perhaps they went down the side street...
No, they're out front
Yes, it's the side street!
Kasey waits too...
Finally, Lizzie returns and it's Calvin's turn. She waits as well, listening carefully for the familiar footsteps.
Yes, I hear them coming down the side street!
Hurrumph! Not yet.
Dadgummit, won't they ever come back?
Yes, now I'm sure I heard them!
Maybe not...
What do I care, I'm comfortably resting on the bed (heh, heh)
Calivn returned and it was now Kasey's turn. Mind you, each walk around the block takes maybe five minutes. Calvin whines the entire time and is close to a nervous breakdown.
Perhaps I can see them from this comfortable chair.
Lizzie feels the same.
Calvin tries the bed.
Note the back feet on the sofa and front feet on the coffee table. (Kim had no idea what was going on while she was away).
Fine form...
Remember in my earlier post I mentioned to take note of the placement of the sofa? Since the sofa is not up against the wall, it provides a circular path for Calvin and he goes round and round...
Back on the bed
Circling again
and again
Get off the chair Lizzie, he demands!
Lizzie settles on the sofa.
Calvin remains on watch
Maybe now?
Back to the bedroom
Lizzie too
A balancing act
Calvin pushes Lizzie down. "I'm King of the sofa!" he says.
No, king of the chair!
Yes, I hear footsteps!
Oh, good grief! What's wrong with those dogs anyway?


Rowann said...

Now they are too TIRED to walk ! FUNNY

La Petite Gallery said...

JUst like canidid camera, great little sitcom. Isn't it funny what they do when you are not watching.

Thanks for the effort you put into this. Yvonne

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Oh my, what a production, LOL. Maybe walking them all at the same time is a good thing. Alone, they seem beside themselves!! Gotta be a Kramer, cool and calm. Jane

Eastlake Victorian said...

What a bunch of little furry knuckleheads! Dogs are so funny when they are anticipating something. I love the sequence! I especially like Kramer's reaction to the whole thing... typical cat! :-)