Monday, January 10, 2011

Georgia Snow 2011 - Update!

Yes, once more nature has graced us with a wonderful blanket of snow. As beautiful as it is now, we are expecting freezing rain during the day which could change the landscape, literally. Our junipers and trees are of concern as the weight of snow and ice could bring them down.

The city has pretty much shut down and we are staying inside today, well, except for an occasional excursion outside for photography. It's lunchtime and treacherous out there so this will be my last post of the day.

This morning we thought we had only gotten 3" (measured on the back patio) but it measures 6" out front. These were taken around noon.
Neighborhood children (and adults) are playing a southern form of hockey at the end of our icy cul-de-sac but I decided not to traipse down there - too treacherous!
Holly berries peeking out...
and my sweetbrier berries.
Snow piled up against one of our water birch trees and provides a great backdrop for the curly pink bark.
The snow came through the screen on the porch and covered some watering cans.
And an artificial tree.
Since I couldn't get out the back screen porch door due to the snow drift, I walked around the side of the house. I was able to get the gate open enough to squeeze through...

The holly bushes in the back have a nice fluffy blanket...
A view of the backyard.
Of course, no snow should be without a snow angel, but due to the sheet of ice that covered the snow, any movement was nearly impossible.
9:00am ish

We seem to have only received 3" of snow, but a lot of North Georgia has up to 7" (probably more in the mountains). I could only get the back porch door open a few inches due to a snow drift against it, so I stuck my arm out took the following pics early this morning.

A snow drift covering multiple pots which are at least 8-10" high.

Stay warm and keep safe!