Monday, June 28, 2010

Faith Cottage

The Victorian Parlor has moved into an 1890 Victorian cottage, which has been named "Faith Cottage." Following are some photos of a work in progress as Kim and Hubby continue what seems to be a never-ending move:) A few architectural pieces were added as well. The improvements they have made are more in line with the period of the house.

The front door and its surround are all original. The VP added the light fixture and intends on putting a second one on the other side.
Hubby and a friend added crown moulding to the living room and bathrooms after Kim and her friend painted. The former owners had large contemporary furniture in this room and now it is filled with antiques. Hubby also moved all of their antique lighting fixtures over to the new house. Note the chandelier in the photo below. Also note the placement of the sofa as it is important to the post I will do later this week.

The living room has three windows (excluding the door) and the lace curtains allow just the right amount of light in.

The sofa and chairs make a beautiful and cozy seating arrangement.
This piece is elegant against the wall.
The house had no fireplace, so the VP created her own, with an additional chair on each side. I can't wait to see what she does to it at Christmas.
The mirror over the fireplace reflects the beauty of the room, especially the windows.
The floors are Brazilian cherry.
An authentic Victorian architectural surround added by the VP forms an elegant entrance to the master bedroom.
As you enter the master bedroom, you are greeted by their beautiful wood bed. Who's that? Hubby working on his laptop. Yes, the house is 120 years old, but we still need our technology, don't we...
I believe this is one of the windows in the master bedroom, taken early in the morning.
The VP's new home does not have a dining room, but a large eat-in kitchen. Kim moved her crystal chandelier from the library of her former home into the kitchen. The lights and crystals are reflected on the ceiling.
Note the curved archway between the kitchen and living room.
Kim displays her hand-painted porcelains in this elegant china cabinet in the kitchen.
The guest bedroom is at the back of the house and is quite private and comfortable.
Much larger than in their former home, the guest room is also warm and inviting.
View through the guest bedroom window when you wake in the morning...
Kim uses stained glass throughout the house. These pieces let in the sunlight but provide privacy as well. This piece is in the guest bedroom...
the kitchen...
and the bathroom.
Join me later this week for a post on the pups.

Friday, June 25, 2010

An Eclectic Neighborhood

This week we visited the new "old" home of the Victorian Parlor. As usual I took hundreds of pictures and will post them over the next couple of weeks. Kim and Hubby have moved to downtown Beaufort into a 1890's Victorian cottage which she has aptly named Faith Cottage. It is a beautiful home and we were fortunate to be able to experience 'city' life.

Please follow us on a walking tour of the VP's new neighborhood, a very eclectic mix of homes. The only thing common to them all was that of all the neighbors we met (and we met a bunch of them) each was warm and friendly.

The first photo is a view from Faith Cottage's front porch.
A look down the street to the left...
And to the right.
Faith Cottage from across the street.
Her next door neighbor...
Another view of the same neighbor's house once you turn the corner. It's huge!

As we travel down the block, this beautiful old home is set back from the street.
This corner house is smaller...
but boasts a matching shed which we found adorable (note the small patio with table and chairs)
and beautiful gardens.
Another well-maintained home
and one which recently sold and is in need of repair. There are many historic homes in Beaufort which are at different stages of repair and disrepair.
A more modern eclectic home...
This house is for sale! Although built only eight years ago, the facade fits in well with the neighborhood.
Another small cottage on our tour.
In need of some trimming but still adorable...
The city crops the trees around the power lines.
A large oak on an empty corner lot.
This house is empty and for sale if I remember correctly. Some minor repairs and it'll be good to go.
One of the newer homes, maybe 1940's, across from Faith Cottage on the corner.
Beaufort still has empty lots for sale. There are two here with the most beautiful trees, only $95K each.
I was able to peek into this old abandoned home. Looked to be late 1800's, maybe a little earlier. I sure hope it will go on the market so that it can be saved in time.
There are many small churches and community centers dotting the city landscape.
A couple of blocks away we passed a very old building. The wood, although dark from aging, was in remarkably good condition (maybe cyprus?) as well as the foundation. It looks like an old store but might have been a duplex. Hopefully it too will be saved.
Finally returning to Kim's block, this is the home directly across the street from Faith Cottage. The house has been turned into apartments but you would never know it.
Catty-cornered from Kim is this lovely large old home. It's for sale too at an incredibly reasonable price. It had been vacant for some time but we met the people who just leased it. They were moving in while we were there and it turned out be friends of Kim and Hubby's. What a small world!
Behind Kim is a small cottage that was the former kitchen for Faith Cottage. The lovely lady who lives here renovated it and it is now a beautiful home with an open floor plan and cathedral ceilings and wooden beams. She has a grey African parrot that sits on the front porch and welcomes people!
We've now come full circle and returned to Faith Cottage. The city services are amazing! In the few short days we were visiting, the streets were cleaned and the weeds in the sidewalks sprayed. One of my favorite features was that the postman walks from house to house!
Please note, the Victorian Parlor is without Internet access, so it may be a week or two before she returns to posting, but I'm sure she will have many posts to make.