Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Have you ever heard the phrase 'patience is a virtue'? Patience is important in everyday life and is required with almost anything or anyone - children, jobs, diets, basically life in general.

Before my dad died in 1999, he gave me a small hydrangea bush from his yard. I planted it in my backyard and each year it grew but only produced one or two small blooms. I would drive around and see beautiful huge blooms on hydrangea bushes and wonder why my hydrangea barely survived. It seemed to have the right amount of sun and the right amount of shade and was in well-drained soil. Little did I know that the only ingredient missing was patience.

This year, my hydrangea has really surprised me.
The beautiful purple flowers are amazing!

I know the acidity in the soil determines the color. I love the pink and blue blooms next to each other...

The blue and cream are especially attractive

And what's this peeking from inside some low lying leaves next to the bush?
Whether this is a one-time occurrence, only time will tell. Perhaps my hydrangea bloomed because of all the rain we had last year, or perhaps the snow we had. Or perhaps it just needed patience. Whatever the reason, we are enjoying its beauty tremendously!


La Petite Gallery said...

It's your Dad saying HELLO!
Maybe this was the right time to bloom. It's like a little "I love you," isn't it?


Eastlake Victorian said...

Hydrangeas are such strange and beautiful plants! It made me laugh when you mentioned "Patience is a Virtue." because my mom always told us that when we were kids. AND she had a hydrangea bush for about 30 years that seldom bloomed, and finally gave up and dug it out! I'm so happy yours bloomed, and in such abundance! I love the pink and blue together. I hope you have many more years of blooms like these!