Saturday, April 9, 2011

Garage Sale Find

During good weather, my mum and I make a weekly excursion to neighborhood garage sales. Most times we come home empty handed, but every once in a while we find something nice. Now, pair that with my love of linens (OK, I also like china, crystal, books, jewelry...) and I feel really good at the end of the day.

Today, we came across a lady who had some doilies her grandmother had crocheted and of course I bought them all. Pictured below are three light yellow doilies.
A 24" square crocheted (?) scarf which will look terrific on a small table.
Three green and gold crocheted scarves...
( a close-up of the small one.)
Matching pieces with raised flowers and...
another close-up view.
I also bought a round white crocheted scarf, a long white brocade tablecloth in excellent condition (no stains) and 10 off-white brocade napkins.

And what do I like most? The price tag - $4.60!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mom's Backyard

Mother's backyard is beginning to bloom and I captured these shots this past weekend. She has a bed of white irises that are just 'bloomin' beautiful!
The wind was gusting but I managed to get some shots in between.
I love how the sun helps outline the petals with shadows.
Another smiling bloom.

Her crabapple tree is also blooming. The tree has been covered with white and pink blooms for the past week.