Monday, February 28, 2011

Hints of Spring

It's still February but there are hints of spring in the air. Since I am dog-sitting, I have the opportunity to catch some of the sights in early morn. First, is the sunrise with it's rays lighting up the sky through the still barren branches of trees.

On one sunny morning, I was able to capture a lone bird sitting atop a tree peering over the quiet dawn.
Saturday morning I captured several shots of birds - first, just a beautiful cardinal...
then two more birds...
and a few moments later, many more. I wonder, was I watching them or were they watching me? As the numbers increased, I couldn't help but reflect on Alfred Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds."
Oops, what's this? A squirrel? Very unusual for our neighborhood since we have few tall trees.
My rose bush is beginning to get its leaves.
And the hydrangea is peeking out...

Aaahhh spring... but as you and I well know, old man winter may once again raise his relentless head.