Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cassie's Concessions - Nature Watching

The one thing that all feral cats, especially those in captivity, have to do to survive is concede. I'm nine years old and have been captive for six. Sigh...

My human, although well-meaning, often tests my ability to concede. Her latest endeavor is the bird feeder. Since I sit on a stool in the kitchen window each day overlooking the patio and backyard, she decided that I needed entertainment. She placed a large bird feeder on a stool about eight feet from my window. What can I say... it gets visited, lots!
I'll get to the birds in a minute, but first I have to talk about the other meals, err, I mean, critters that come and visit, feasting on the birdseed that is thrown out by the birds (or spilled by my human). This is the rabbit and it's big, about my size.
Oooh, I'd love to get hold of that cotton tail.
My human names most of the critters that visit our backyard. The chipmunks are called Chip and Dale. Not sure which is which...
they both look alike...
and they both would probably taste the same:)
Now the birds. Ughh, what can I say. This is Mr and Mrs C and their offspring. Mrs C sits on top of the feeder watching for predators. Little does she know I'm sitting right here and if I ever escape, they're toast.

Can you believe it? Dad's feeding the baby!
Sparrows - too small to eat...
but fun to play with. Heh-heh-heh.
A ground dweller - a female Towhee.
Mr. and Mrs. Demille (cowbirds) - love that beef!

My human's not sure of this species. If anyone can ID it please comment.
Now the fun part - baby birds! The only problem is, when you get close, you get nose-divided by their mom. Those Thrasher beaks can take an eye out!

And what's this? Mr. Towhee and child...
I'm so tired of this father-child bonding.
Note to Kramer - be happy with the lizard. I know you probably get to see some birds too - just be happy that your human doesn't try and provide you with more entertainment.

Regards, Cassie