Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Play on Shadows

I was sitting on the back porch this morning with a cup of tea as the sun was coming up. Of course as soon as its piercing rays emanated through my wind chimes I ran inside and retrieved my camera. (You would have thought I'd been prepared). Anyway, the sun was casting wonderful shadows as it rose and I decided to follow it.

The cats are reflected...
on the back of the chair.
These chimes cast a shadow on the screen.
A hummingbird's wing and gecco.
A shadow within and without...
A rain gauge - ribbet
Leaves are especially inviting to photograph
A scratching cat
And of course a self-portrait of yours truly taking pictures
Check out your shadow today!


Eastlake Victorian said...


I love your shadow pictures! Very cool. I particularly like the gecko on the fence and the cats chimes. What a fun idea! :-)


The Victorian Parlor said...

Cool! Love the background!