Monday, July 5, 2010

Back Yard Potential

Faith Cottage in Beaufort, SC has a very small yard but it has huge potential. This post will focus on the outside as it is now, you might say the "before" pictures.

The yard is small but has great possibilities especially since Hubby is a master gardener.
Faith Cottage is surrounded by a 3-foot high white picket fence and three gates. The front gate casts a shadow on the entry walk.
Calvin and Kasey are free to roam the yard but Lizzie needs to be kept on a leash. She could clear the fence in a flash!
The former resident decided to put down an oyster shell walkway but only got through half of the project. The shells are coming up, I'm told.
Ouch! You definitely can't walk on these in your bare feet.
Kim having a cup of tea on the porch in early morning.
A visitor...
The front corner of the property.

One of the beautiful trees on the property that will need to be checked out by a tree doctor.
Can't live in SC without some sort of palm tree
Another great tree
Love the moss on this tree in the backyard
A view of the yard to the left of the house
Lots of grass for the pups. Kim said it took Hubby only 10 minutes to mow it, which is substantially less time than the 1-2 hour job at the old house. Hmmm, I wonder what Hubby will now do with all his spare time...
A huge bush on the side of the house - not sure what it is
Looking from the backyard to the front with the sun peeking through the moss and the trees.
More moss...
Taken from the backyard
Foundation for a barbecue grill, or something else? It is 6' by 3':)
A side view of the front porch
The backyard - very small but great for storing those things you want out of the way.

The yard on the right side of the house.
The hydrangea with its final blooms
Same side, different view
Lots of bushes!

Lantana abounds in the side yard

I can't wait till next year to see the new gardens that will frame Faith Cottage. I'm sure passers-by will stop and admire the work and creativity of its home owners and I'm sure their gardens will rival others from Beaufort.

BTW, this will be my last post for the Victorian Parlor. I'm sure Kim and company will return soon!


Eastlake Victorian said...

Lizards, palms, shells and hanging moss. Things you just don't see up near Chicago! Kim is so lucky to have such a beautiful house and such lovely grounds. And if hubby is a master gardener, I can't wait to see what he will add! BTW, I really love that picket fence!


Romeo said...

Thanks so much for posting about Kramer's new house! And of course allowing him some computer time - these are important times for the little guy ;)

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth!


Romeo and "her"