Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer at Sweetbrier

It's midsummer and very hot outside, mostly in the 90's, except when we get an afternoon thunderstorm. Then the outdoors becomes a sauna!

Earlier this month the moon greeted us shortly after dawn
We're in the pink! A picture of Sweetbrier's backyard. We have a total of seven crepe myrtle trees, and you guessed it, they're all pink.
Note the dewdrops on the leaves of this crepe myrtle bloom...
and the dew on the grass.
This photo is a test. Can you find the bird in the tree?
The Victorian Parlor's hubby made this birdhouse for me many years ago. Although badly weathered and no longer occupied, I continue to smile when I see it. I think the vines are holding it together though.
Our resident wild rabbit
A web in a crepe myrtle tree. Spiders are so artistic!
Another view, though blurry
A beautiful pink-striped oakworm moth (anisota senatoria) lights on the front door frame...
Another lovely moth with markings that makes it look like it is carved out of marble. (If anyone can identify it please let me know.)
Our rose bush bloomed again which was a treat...

Best wishes to everyone for a comfortable and pleasant summer!

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