Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Archaeology Month!

May is archaeology month in Georgia. During this time the Society for Georgia Archaeology and associated chapters across the state promote awareness through events, demonstrations and exhibits. In conjunction with these efforts, posters and information are sent to schools across the state. Below is this year's poster.SGA members were recruited to assist in stuffing and labeling several hundred tubes with posters and documentation. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History provided space for us to work and I took advantage of the opportunity to take a few photos.

The museum is a beautiful building in Atlanta, Georgia on Clifton Road. (My apologies for not getting specific names for the exhibits)
Three large dinosaurs welcome guests.
A different angle...
A closeup...
Students come to the museum from multiple counties in the metro area.
The large cylindrical room in the center of the museum houses large skeletons of dinosaurs and echos with the excited voices of children who are mesmerized by their enormous size.
The head of this grand creature
A large predator hanging from the rafters
I'd hate to get caught in those jaws!
Another creature lurks from a nest on the side of a wall.
A miniature of the the welcoming committee
Other natural resources....
Looking outside, two dinosaurs are checking out the museum's guests
If you should visit Atlanta I strongly recommend visiting the museum!


Eastlake Victorian said...

I love to look at dinosaur fossils! Always have, since I was a kid! that looks like a cool museum. :-)


La Petite Gallery said...

What a wonderful post..
thanks for sharing this great place..
Did you pick a horse for the kentucky Derby? I picked Looking Lucky a week ago now it's the favorite, So Maybe SuperSaver or Ice Box.. Happy Saturday 4Pm is the Race