Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life's Blessings - Lunch with Friends

Evans Fine Foods in Decatur, Georgia is an old-fashioned restaurant and a great place to have a quiet lunch with good friends. Upon entering, one of my friends asked "where should we sit?" I replied, "a booth" and of course when you survey the restaurant, you quickly realize that is the only seating available. (I love booths, much cozier than hard chairs.)
So, with camera in hand, I began taking pictures. First is Phillip who is quite excited about his new position with a local university.
Joe, our good friend and a great listener, is also a happy camper with a relatively new position (six months) at a local institution of higher education.
Chandra, who is shy with a camera, tried to outdo me, but I caught a glimpse of her. This picture could also be titled, 'Check out my watch!'
Chandra's good news is her new event planning business. Actually she's been doing this for years, but now she is expanding to cover not only the Atlanta area, but the Bahamas and Trinidad! Chandra planned my retirement party a couple of years ago and it was phenomenal!

Below is one of the postcards she gave each of us. I highly recommend InStyle Events as they are most capable and have wonderful ideas. For more information go to their website at or email them at info@instyleeventsatl.comThe portions at the restaurant were great and I believe we ate just about everything given us, except for some leftover cornbread.
But most importantly, we all had a great time catching up and joking about times past. My recommendation - call a friend, go to lunch!

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Eastlake Victorian said...

I want some of your leftover cornbread! ;-D