Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

Ahhh - you know it's Spring when the flowers start to bloom, the weather warms and the sun is out, birds are singing, everything outdoors becomes covered in green (pollen) and your daughter (The Victorian Parlor) comes to visit on her spring break!

Kim brought me a present - a beautiful antique desk! She no longer had room for it and her hubby did not want to sell it so I became the proud owner. It fit in my bedroom perfectly and I will definitely use it!
Woo-hoo! My Eastlake embroidered chair looks perfect with the desk!
Lizzie of course also came to visit and settled down immediately in her bed on the guest bed...
Yes, vacations are wonderful!
Cassie, Sweetbrier's resident feral, did not so heartily agree. She was for the most part confined to the master suite except for occasional outings to the rest of the house when Lizzie would kindly return to the guest bedroom.
This is just for a short time, right mom? (Sorry baby, it's for six days)...
OK, I get special treats she asks? Sure you do honey, I reply.
Little does she know at this time, that Lizzie will be replaced by Sir Winston (the poodle), who will be staying the following week. Oh noooo, she exclaims, not another week...
On a lighter note, Sweetbrier's kitchen is in need of renovation which we hope to do next year (it will take that long to make decisions:) Since I had the company of my favorite and most talented interior decorator (her favorite two words are 'trust me'), we decided to start checking out cabinetry and tile. I dragged Kim to Home Depot against her wishes and we were both pleasantly surprised. My Home Depot is a mile down the road and the service was amazing! We spent an hour or so talking to their kitchen interior designer, their tile expert, and the manager and assistant manager.

We took a few photos of some of our favorites (but of course all is subject to change). Kim liked the scrollwork on these...
I liked these in the store but am having second thoughts...
Not sure who liked this:)
Stained glass for the breakfast room breakfront...
Beautiful lighting...
Kim's favorite for her kitchen

We went antiquing to several of our favorite stores. Kim bought this beautiful Victorian mahogany and glass cabinet. It's missing a couple of the spindles at the top, but she's sure hubby can replace them:) The picture does not do it justice, but believe me, it is a great piece!
The top of the cabinet.
The Broad Street Antique Mall in Chamblee, GA has recently been renovated and continues to be an amazing place for antiques!
An old victrola...
An interesting lamp...
Beautiful seating (I'm sitting on a matching chair)
Tapestry draped across the sofa
The Blue Birds are one of the dealers at the mall and are known for their beautiful antique hats and clothing...
An old wedding gown
A beautiful hat with large feather plume. Kim liked the lace hat in the background as well.
A handsome full length black coat with a lovely hat. Hmmm... I wonder who's peeking out behind it wanting to take it home.
Kim stayed an additional day so we could visit her step-grandmother, Mary Jane. Mary Jane is 92 and sadly suffers from dementia. She did seem to recognize us for short periods of time, but communication is only one-way. We will continue to pray for her.
It's the night before Kim leaves and Lizzie lays on grandma's lap. She is content, but very ready to return home to her brothers and sister.
In addition to antiquing and visiting, we also did some sightseeing, which Kim will post on later, a lot of cooking and eating, drinking (wine and tea of course), watching movies, etc. It was a good week and the weather was most accommodating. BTW, the other dog has now arrived and poor Cassie is out in the garage moping. I wonder which piece of furniture she will torture after two weeks of having to share the house with her canine cousins.


La Petite Gallery said...

Happy Easter or Passover

I have that Governor Winthrop
desk. Love the chair. Infact the entire post is wonderful

Michael823 said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Glad you went to see Mary Jane, I'll talk to Kim. You and Winston have a wonderful Easter!

Eastlake Victorian said...

It looks like you and Victorian Parlor had a really nice visit! Poor little Cassie, though, having to deal with those doggies! The antique desk looks great where you put it. Hope you have another fun week with your next round of visitors! :)

Happy Easter!