Monday, May 3, 2010

A Great Weekend in Beaufort!

The Victorian Parlor's hubby played Snoopy in the musical, Your a Good Man Charlie Brown, performed at the USCB Performing Arts Center this past weekend. I was fortunate to be able to make the trip to attend. The cast was phenomenal, in singing ability and acting. They really looked the part and it brought back many wonderful memories of the Peanuts characters. Kim's hubby was exceptional as Snoopy, with his beautiful singing voice and dog-like antics. The audience loved him and we were all so proud!

Snoopy on his doghouse (he had to climb a ladder to get to the top). Here he is singing a solo called "Snoopy"

In the second act, he performed another solo called "Suppertime" (note the mailbox, brick wall on which Charlie and others would lean, and the big dog dish). The props were amazing! I'm sure the Victorian Parlor will share her photos of Schroeder's piano and Lucy's 'the doctor is in' booth.
The finale of Snoopy's solo!
And the real SnoopD as I've been calling him:)
Staying at the Terra Cottage is a wonderful Low-country experience. We had breakfast on the back patio where you have a view of the beautiful gardens. Roses adorned the table.
Hot tea and a delicious concoction of cheese on an herbal peta bread...
Of course, the canine residents were also enjoying the morning. Lizzie's checking out a squirrel.
Sweet Kasey...My favorite philosopher, Calvin...
And last but not least, Kramer (and yes, Mike, this time I included your other Granddog:) Kramer is not a happy camper, being relegated to the indoors!
The Terra Cottage's gardens are simply bloomin' beautiful!
Spanish moss adorns the stately oaks...
A quiet sitting place...
A bubbling fountain provides a gentle soothing sound as water splashes down each level
The palm and roses with an antique balustrade form an elegant design (and a great photo opportunity)
Kim and I spent the weekend photographing just about everything in sight. She is an amazing photographer, of whom I am attempting to emulate. Here she is trying to catch the light across the marsh as the sun begins its descent.
As we approached the swing bridge, I was hoping it would be open so that I could take advantage and shoot some pictures. Usually you don't want to be delayed by the bridge, but with camera in hand, I was hoping... We got lucky!
Many people were out on the water with all sorts of boats.

The Beaufort area has amazing waterways and marshes. Several of the following shots were taken from the Old Point.

A small park in the middle of the Old Point provides seating and respite from walking.
In the middle of the park was a fountain (I only wish it had been working)
It even sports a birdhouse
A crow sits atop a post across the way, surveying the area
The Chucta's (director, choreographer, set designer and other production roles for the musical) were kind enough to invite me to the cast party Sunday evening. Their home has a gorgeous view of the marsh providing Kim and me with additional ops to photograph Beaufort's beautiful land and waterscapes. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. C for a wonderful time!
A dock leads out to the marsh

Between Kim and me, we must have taken hundreds if not a thousand or so pictures. In the next few weeks I hope to post photos on topics such as the gardens, gates and paths of Beaufort.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Love it! Great post!!!



Michael823 said...

Thanks for remembering my other granddog, he gets cranky when ignored!! We love seeing the pictures of Beaufort, it's one of our favorite spots in the country. We'll miss being back this year but we'll be there next year to help celebrate a very special occation. There's one this year too which we are working on.

Thanks again for the pictures they are truly wonderful.

Eastlake Victorian said...

What a lovely weekend you had with Victorian Parlor! Kim and her husband are so talented, and sure have a beautiful and picturesque yard. Beaufort looks like a lovely area! Some day I will go south to see real Spanish moss and all the wonderful roses and plants that we don't have up here. Thank you for all the great photos!


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Truly stunning! Such a small world . .. nice to see Bloggers connect in the real world :).

Your photos are amazing . . . I think you are well on your way!