Friday, July 24, 2009

Trip to Edisto - NOT!

The last two times I have visited the Victorian Parlor, I had wanted to take a day trip to Edisto, SC. So the following is a photo tour of our trip.

Leaving town, I took this picture of the new city hall that is under construction.
On our way out, we stopped at the Antique Show which was part of the Water Festival. Although there were only about 10 dealers, and it shared the space of the Omni Gym, the show turned out to be most enjoyable. Dealers were friendly and they had some very interesting pieces.
Our next stop was Fletcher's Finds in Yemassee. Whoaaaa, that's not on the way to Edisto; that's the opposite direction! Fletcher's was quite interesting and had some unique pieces. My hostess was asked to perform in the fall at the local country club which I'm sure you will hear more about later. Hmmm, now to Edisto? I think not.
Heading back home, we stopped for lunch at a Thai restaurant, called "Yes, Thai Indeed," but sadly not in Edisto. The food was absolutely fantastic!
While sitting at a light, I grabbed this picture of a new condo building that's going to overlook the waterway. Apparently, although approved by the council, the building turned out to be 6' taller than was agreed on. Not sure how you make a building a that much taller - where were the specs?
Our final stop was at the Antique Mall, and again not in Edisto. This is a great place, there are wonderful finds, and prices are very reasonable.
Well, I guess my trip to Edisto will have to wait another year. Maybe the third time will be the charm:) Although we didn't make it again, we enjoyed our day and doing what we like best - antiquing!


Anonymous said...

I liked the way you did go. Did you buy anything exciting?

Michael823 said...

So who was navigating? Glad to see a blog entry where no one got hurt! You're the lucky one.