Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My Victorian Parlor hostess and I spent a day last week going to Blufton, SC, thrift store shopping. We stopped at numerous stores on the way and took advantage of items that other people had donated. The stores we visited were sponsors of charities.

My find of the day was this lovely lamp, maybe 1950's, with a Dresden-like china figurine. I purchased this from the Habitat Restore, which is associated with Habitat for Humanity.
Unfortunately I did not think to take pictures until it was too late, but other thrift stores we visited included:

  • The CAPA Closet, which helps the Child Abuse Prevention Association
  • Cancer Thrift
  • Red Door, which helps a local Hospice

On our trip back, I tried taking pictures from a moving car. These are pictures of the water and marsh while going over a very long bridge.

The road in front of us...
Our final stop was a consignment shop which had two floors of items for sale.
Our thrift store shopping trip was very successful! Thanks to all who gave their "no longer wanted or needed items" to these organizations. Everyone benefits from these thrift stores -those who purchase items at massively reduced prices, and those who are helped by the charities that are associated with them.


Anonymous said...

Aren't landscape pictures just great. It makes me think of adventures. Looking down a road that you have no idea where it will lead to. You knew that road. To me it spoke of unknown surprises at the end of the road. Glad you enjoyed your shopping trip. I have missed many chances to photograph huge antique markets I probably will never visit again.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Looks like fun-lol!!!