Friday, July 17, 2009


We went on vacation to the Victorian Parlor this week, which I will post more about next week. The Victorian Parlor has several residents including three dogs and a cat, which most everyone who follows their blog has met. One of the residents, Calvin, is sort of like the middle child and may often seem insecure. He appears to be a follower, but this may just be a disguise. For example, if the ladies of the house, Kasey and Lizzie, begin barking or attempt to gain attention, Calvin joins in. However, I believe him to be a much more complex dog and so I followed him for a day to gain proof.

In the picture below, Calvin is contemplating his day, making a mental to-do list.
This is the philosophical Calvin. He is intently considering the nature versus nurture debate.
Here Calvin is testing his latest theory on the state of nature.
Finally, Calvin ponders tabula rosa and its application to dogs.
As you can see, Calvin is a very serious and pensive dog and not the insecure follower he pretends to be. If only others knew...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of Calvin. Check by my neck of the woods on 7/18/09. It is a fun experience I have for you. Blessings

The Victorian Parlor said...

This is too funny!!!