Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweetbrier's new addition...

Last week I lost my transportation of 12 years to a broken timing belt, which took out the top half of the engine. Repair estimates were over $3000! So I knew it was time; I bit the bullet and went car shopping.

Now, I did my homework, and friends, relatives and the Internet all tried to prepare me for the coming event - negotiating for a new car. I knew I wanted either a Honda or Hyundai and made my plans, knowing I was facing a two-day stressed-filled time.

The first (and only) place I went to was Gwinnett Place Honda. I was welcomed by a salesman and I thought, here comes the sales pitch. No sales pitch. He asked me what I was looking for in a car. He steered me to the Civic and we went on a test drive. Upon returning to the dealership, we sat down and I thought, okay, now the back and forth negotiating. None. After being introduced to the manager, again I thought I would be pressured. Nothing... nada... no pressure. We came to an agreement and that afternoon I drove off in my new wheels!

Now, I can't guarantee everyone would have such an easy time, but for me, it wasn't anything like I had anticipated. Some of the suggestions I received, which may be helpful, are to shop around, ask for quotes from several dealerships and be willing to walk away.

Isn't she beautiful!


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Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Beautiful! I always dread car-shopping. Glad you had a good experience! I always hear great things about Honda Civics. I hope your new wheels last a good, long time. :-)