Saturday, November 13, 2010

A step back in time...

St. Augustine, founded in the 1565, is one of the most historical and enjoyable places to visit - again and again! Below are some of the photos I took on our recent day trip.

Where should we start? Why not the Old Spanish Trail Zero Milestone for St. Augustine to San Diego, CA!

History is certainly well established in cemeteries. I was able to snap a few pics from outside the wall.

Most of the headstones were in the 1800's, but I remember some years back of seeing a small cemetery that I believe dated back to the seventeenth century.

Along with the old is the new...

Once you get into Old St. Augustine, you can walk down St. George Street (for pedestrians only) where you can visit the shops and restaurants. The side streets allow vehicles.

The old drugstore...
The St. George Inn...
The oldest wooden schoolhouse...
Lots of shops dot the main thoroughfare...
We stopped for lunch at the Columbia Restaurant. These beautiful tiles greet you as you enter the main eating area
Beautiful architecture graces the center of the restaurant
With a skylight and fountain

At the entry are several statues

A patio area is also available if you wish to eat outdoors

If you're waiting for someone you can either sit or study the numerous photos
My lunch - a 1906 Salad and half Cuban sandwich - was absolutely scrumptious! The salad was the best I've ever had.
Back outside we continue our walk
Later we stop and take turns taking pictures next to a large cannon...
Hi sis!
Flagler College founded in 1968
The Casa Monica Hotel which opened in 1888
I just love the Spanish influence
The Lightner Museum (see earlier post)
An interesting parking meter! You put money in the meter and it gives you a card that you place on your dashboard. Not a bad idea if you park close enough and don't have to walk far, but then St. Augustine is all about walking!
Of course you can take one of the Trolleys
We came across this fountain and of course I love to take pictures of running water...
I like to capture the water droplets as they bounce around

Remember earlier, when I said St. Augustine was a place you can visit again and again? Below are two photos from our trip in 1968 taken at the Castillo de San Marcos fort, one of many wonderful attractions in St. Augustine.

Yours truly and the Victorian Parlor (and we wonder why she loves history!)
The Victorian Parlor and her dad
Thus ends our tour of St. Augustine. Lots to do and lots to see! Make sure you bring your walking shoes:)


Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...


Love your pics of St. Augustine! I visited there over 20 years ago, but really only took time to visit the fort, as it was a side trip from Disneyworld. I wish I had stayed longer! I love old headstones, and that restaurant is so beautiful! The architecture in Florida is so completely different from what we have up here, it's like being in a foreign country.


Sarah said...

Great post! St. Augustine is a wonderful place to visit but you need at least a few days to do it justice.

La Petite Gallery said...

I love that town, my girlfriend moved there, Did you do the Fort and Ripleys? I might fly there for a week this winter.Happy Thanksgiving. yvonne