Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lakewood 400 - November 2010

Back in May I did a post on one of the most outstanding booths I have visited at any antique fair. I like it because you feel like you've walked into a real boutique! The hostess is Carlotta Stapleton and not only is she a wonderfully gracious person but she has an outstanding memory, remembering your interests and what you have looked at in her booth from previous visits.The next few shots are of vignettes she has set up...

She has clothing dating back to the Victorian period...
And as recent as the mid-20th century.
Glass and mirrored trays which catch the light are placed throughout
Hats anyone? This is one of the Victorian Parlor's favorite past times.
This one is especially glamorous...
Looks like something that royalty might wear
She even has a man's beaver hat...
A sweet vignette (notice the mirror once more)
Hatpins, some of which are from the Victorian era
Jewelry is showcased everywhere

You can never go wrong with rhinestones, their many facets catching the light...
Or cameos,
Exquisite pieces displayed on glass shelves
Purses are available

A pair of sweet children's shoes from days past, buttons still intact
And of course perfume bottles for a lady's vanity

Frames abound throughout the booth with photos from the Victorian era to the present
The hat on this woman is amazing!

A beautiful painting
And a sweet doll
A beautiful Cobalt blue Fukagawa vase!
Tea anyone?
Lots of pink glass, but don't forget the lamp next to it!
Salt and pepper shakers
This light is beautiful against the mirror

A white whicker seat
And of course a tribute to Carlotta's Grandmother Ella - she lived to be 109 years!
Thanks Carlotta for another wonderful visit!


La Petite Gallery said...

All right all ready!!!
I am wiping my bottom lip. Oh!! those hats.
Happy holidays


daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

Hello Sweetbrier. There is not greater compliment than to have someone find you after your change your address. This happened a few months ago and I just keep looking since I don't remember the addresses just the folks I have met. I lost all my favorite blogs list. Had to change address due to a security situation. Loved your post on St. A and the tour through the Vintage shop. Come back and check in to follow if you wish.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Oh, I wish we had more places like that near me! Carlotta's booth is a delight. There's nothing quite like visiting such a treasure trove of beautiful antiques! I could spend hours on end in such a place!