Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lakewood 400 - February 2010

Most every month we take a trip to Cumming, GA for the Lakewood 400 Antique's Market which falls on the third weekend of each month. For a small admission fee you are treated to a wide variety of antiques, collectibles and vintage items.

One of our favorite dealers is Ms Carlotta Stapleton who has one of the most elegant and unique booths at the fair. She is located on Hall H which is in the middle of the building, booths 512/523.

Join me now for a tour of her shop. I call it a shop because it feels like one. Carlotta carries a beautiful assortment of Victorian and vintage items and welcomes everyone who enters. (Click on each picture to enlarge)

Hats and clothing from time periods since the 1800's can be found throughout.
The hats are so much fun to look at and buy:) The Victorian Parlor has done very well in this booth as has my Queen Mum.
Clothing too graces the many racks and displays throughout the shop.
Red Hat Society - check out the red hat lamp (middle right)...
Purses galore
China, teacups and saucers, dessert plates, pitchers of elegant designs
Perfume bottles and toiletry items that can dress up a bedroom or bath
Compacts, trinket boxes and jewelry
More jewelry and dressing table items
Have you been counting the number of mirrors she displays?
More hats, shawls and scarves, and don't forget to check out the sweet lace dress in the corner...
Carlotta uses every inch of space in her booth. In the center of the room is a wonderful display of vintage and antique treasures.
A jewelry case full of broaches, earrings and other fine jewelry.
And finally, a tribute to feral kitties. This is a portrait of Chris, a beloved friend.
Make sure you visit Carlotta every chance you get. She always has that perfect gift for that special someone.


The Victorian Parlor said...'s all so pretty! I see lots of things I would like to add to my collections:)!



Eastlake Victorian said...

I wish there were more places like that around here! So many of our antique shops and fairs have closed down over the years. I used to shop them with my mother in the 80's, when my cash flow was considerably less... now that I can afford more, there is so much less to see! You are lucky to have that to look forward to every month! :)


La Petite Gallery said...

Hat's are my downfall. I grew up in My Mom's hat shop in Houston.I
couldn't wait to get out of school and go to town and try on every new hat and walk up and down the street trying to get a certain Guy
to notice me.

Gorgeous post..