Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lawrenceville, GA

Sweetbrier Cottage is fortunate to be located in an area close to shopping, the arts, sports, medical facilities, and most importantly, antique stores! We have the convenience of being fairly close to Atlanta (about 40 miles or an hour's drive) and about the same travel time to numerous small historic towns in North Georgia.

Today we took a trip to Lawrenceville, GA, the Gwinnett County seat. It's barely above freezing so I didn't make as many stops as I would have preferred, but I did take some photos for you to view this charming historic town. Join me now as we travel through downtown Lawrenceville.

The historic county courthouse graces the center of this vibrant city.
Shops abound in all directions...
And if you wish to rest your feet, there are numerous benches around town. Notice the brick-paved sidewalks placed in a welcoming herringbone pattern plus the pansies attempting to survive the winter.
A fountain graces a small park sandwiched between old historic buildings which have been converted to shops and restaurants.

Coins captured in the fountains's frozen water...
And yes, Lawrenceville has gone green!
A street full of shops... our destination for today was the Scotland Yard, a wonderful antique shop, for which I will do a post next week!
We can't wait to try this new restaurant!
This old antebellum house used to be an antique store and during our visit many years ago, one of the visitors (we won't mention names, the Victorian Parlor) felt a ghostly presence. The building now houses a group of attorneys and I am sure all has been reconciled.
This historic beauty is now Lawrenceville's Welcome Center.
A new tea shop, which we will have to check out. What better way to warm up than a cup of hot tea!
The Aurora Theatre, a performing arts center, has opened in Lawrenceville.
The building is truly beautiful with plenty of parking in the new deck behind it.
Note the detail below.

I was only able to capture a few of the exciting shops and architecture of this historic town. Once it warms up I will endeavor to photograph more of Lawrenceville's beauty and style. For more information, go to


Eastlake Victorian said...

What a beautiful town! The shops and buildings look SO inviting. You are very fortunate to have such nice restaurants, shops and theaters not too far away.


La Petite Gallery said...

Yes it is a pretty town. You must love it. That Tea shop looks like I'd hang out there.

Snow in Georga?

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love Lawrenceville!