Thursday, September 25, 2014

My new friend

Today we had a visit from friends, Tricia and Al, and their dog, Gracie. Tricia and Al rescued Gracie a couple of years ago, finding her in their yard, barely alive. They came to visit today and Gracie is now a beautiful, healthy, sweet, loving dog. Of course I ran inside to grab my camera:)
Hi Gracie!
We took a walk to the backyard and Gracie checked it out thoroughly. She seemed to approve!

Here's Al!

Finally they had to leave. Gracie was such a good visitor of course and is welcome back anytime! Tricia and Al too:)

Just a note: Pit bulls get such bad press, so I was comforted to see the other side of their breed - Gracie is so well mannered, calm and loving, not what you usually hear about. She let me pet her and love on her. I especially liked it when she leaned on me while I talked to Al and Tricia. Of course this would not have been possible without the patience and time Tricia and Al have spent helping Gracie to acclimate to people and situations and she is still learning. Aren't we all!

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Kim Poovey said...

She's beautiful!!!