Friday, December 31, 2010

A White Christmas, in the South!!!

It snowed Christmas Day, the first time since 1882! Of course, we only got a smattering but it was still beautiful.

Oddly shaped icicles...
The holly bushes gave us a Christmasy feel...

Although we were overjoyed with the snow, it made it rough for family members traveling. Our granddawgs, however, made the best of it. Lizzie snuggles against Kim, and then,
takes a turn with Darryl.
She too found the snow beautiful (except when she had to go out in it)

Calvin (the philosopher) found comfort amongst some blankets
His pensive look... contemplating the infinite patterns of snowflakes.
Kasey preferred the indoor activities, especially being scratched... a little to the right please.
Hmmm.... what is so interesting in the kitchen? Do I get up?
Treats maybe?
Kramer remained in the shadows most of the time, working on his next post for the Victorian Parlor. He prowled, climbed, perched and growled and then sought shelter in the bedroom. I'm sure he took plenty of notes!

Our wishes for a safe and happy New Year!

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Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

How lucky that you got some beautiful Christmas snow! I think snow on Christmas makes it a lot more special. The doggies look happy to be visiting, snow or no snow!

Have a fun New Year's Eve and a great 2011!