Friday, October 22, 2010

October Vacation

I just got back from the most wonderful vacation visiting my sister in Jacksonville, FL. We had a great time and she was so patient with my stopping every few minutes to snap a picture. But once you become a blogger, you never go anywhere without your camera, so whoever you're with has to put up with your obsessiveness:)

I have enough photos to do several posts, which I will try and get to over the next month. I know everyone in blogland will be tired of hearing about my trip but I must share.

On Tuesday, we went to St. Augustine (a later post) and visited the Lightner Museum. This is a must-see for anyone interested in Victoriana. Mr. Lightner purchased the Alcazar Hotel (built in 1887) in 1946 and moved his extensive Victoriana collection to it in 1948. Sadly he died in 1950, but willed the building and its contents to the people of St. Augustine.

One of the detailed supporting posts/columns. I'm a lion lover so this was really cool to me!
A koi pond is located in the main courtyard and a bridge crosses it.

What a great time I had snapping pictures of the fish. I especially liked the designs the fish made while swimming in the water...

Believe it or not this fish kept lifting its head out of water. We were concerned for its welfare...
So were the other fish... or perhaps they were in a shark frenzy (we hope not!)
Fish came in all colors...
The following are really cool shots - the water reflected the sky and the surrounding flora.

Photography was not allowed inside the museum so make sure you visit the website to view some of its contents.

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