Friday, December 11, 2009

The tail of the pups...

Once upon a time there were four pups. Three of the pups were of questionable ancestry having once lived in the streets. A kindly couple adopted them and they happily became residents of a sweet little Victorian cottage in a small coastal town.

There was Casey, the wonder pup...

Calvin, the philosopher...

and Lizzie, the drama-queen...
The fourth pup, one of royalty, lived in a distant city. His name was Sir Winston and he proudly protected his castle and its inhabitants.

One day, Sir Winston’s governess took him to visit his adopted cousins. He was most excited by this trip and was warmly greeted by his kin. All was well, although on occasion, Sir Winston, would pompously attempt to best those that had welcomed him so readily.

Sir Winston wanted so badly to be accepted by his cousins. He would sit by quietly and watch while the other pups received encouragement and treats from the master of the house.
The other pups were so calm and patient. "Perhaps if I could just get a little closer," he thought.
"The master has asked them to sit...hmmm."
"But I am of noble birth... I do not take commands from someone else's master..."
"Ahhh... perhaps if I just wag my pom-pom tail, I will get a treat!" he mused.
"Yes, the master has noticed me!!! I too will now receive a reward!"

And he did. First Casey and Lizzie and then Calvin. Finally Sir Winston received a biscuit, having waited patiently and quietly, as one of noble birth would.


La Petite Gallery said...

That was so sweet!
Then again it's from
"Sweetbrier Cottage"
They are all so adorible,
My 14 yr old Dal. had a toe nail removed ,,,,I'll say no
He's not a happy camper.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Were is the 5th pup, I mean cat,well most of the time.
Love,The biscuit master

Michael823 said...

As they are my Granddogs as well I too am suprised that "kittydog" is missing.

Eastlake Victorian said...

What cute pictures of Sir Winston! All the doggies begging for their biscuits... so sweet!