Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rainy Day and Night in Georgia

The Southeast has been deluged with rain for the past week and there doesn't seem to be any letup. The water cannot drain fast enough so Sweetbrier Cottage is looking more and more like lakefront property.

It's drizzling now so I took this opportunity to snap a few photos and do a little yard cleanup.
Standing water, so there must be a clog somewhere downstream.
Nature is so artistic even in the simplest forms. Note the concentric circles that raindrops make.
This is flowing nicely now...
Problems at one of the gates...
Just a trickle now, but a river later...
Here's one of the problems. Leaves and grass had formed a nice little dam at the edge of the property - a slight reroute hopefully will work, but only time will tell.
I checked the forecast and it looks like our next day without rain is September 28, so I guess I'd better get our scuba gear out:)

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Queenmothermamaw said...

Oh we had that in the spring. Now, we need rain. Never know which way the rains will blow. You are right though, that is a lot of beauty even in a little puddle if we just look. Thanks for looking and reminding us.