Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life's Blessings

"What we become depends on what we read after all of the Professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books." (Thomas Carlyle - 1795-1881)
"All that Mankind has done, thought, gained or been: it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of Books. They are the chose possession of men." (Carlyle - Heroes and Hero Worship)
"A book is the only immortality." (Rufus Choate - 1799-1859)
"God be thanked for books. They are the voices of the distant and the dead, and make us heirs of the spiritual life of past ages." (William Ellery Channing - 1780-1842)

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The Victorian Parlor said...

Love this post! The pics are great and the quotes are so true!