Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Garage Makeover

Our garage serves two purposes, a home for our feral kitty, Cassie, and storage. For the past few weeks, Sweetbrier's garage (Cassie's domain) has been getting a makeover. We have three goals for the makeover: (1) remove all of the "junk" that has piled up over the years - this is sort of a mission organization project, (2) create some catwalks for Cassie to provide more exploration opportunities, and (3) create a work space for my craft projects. Oh, and one more thing - this has to be done on a budget!

Of course the first thing a crafter must do in re-creating a space is draw up a plan. This plan contains space for storage (Christmas, old toys from childhood, items that we can't part with just yet, etc), tools, paint, wood working supplies, and exercise equipment. And of course a desk for doing  the craft projects. Most importantly, there is space for Cassie's gym, AC and heater, TV, toys, plus additional space for her to explore. Whew!

Over the next few weeks, and hopefully not months, I will document the makeover. Wish me luck:)


The Victorian Parlor said...

Good luck! Something tells me that you may be getting some help with this project sometime in April-lol:)

Bumpkin Bears said...

Good luck with the makevoer. I loved the photos of your Sweeti with her little blue horse, how GORGEOUS. One of my cats has a favourite mouse that he carries around in his mouth trying to me-owwwwww too at full volume! Glad I found your blog from The Victorian Parlor. Catherine